Our Story

We are reminded of what lies at the core of what we do — taking care of the communitites we love.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the bank of choice by providing both traditional and innovative products and services, delivered by employees committed to excellence in customer service, leadership in our communities, and growth in shareholder value.

Our Story

A Tradition of Service to Our Customers and Communities

United Bank has a proud heritage of providing quality customer service and offering innovative, yet sensible financial solutions for its customers. Our commitment to quality service goes beyond our customers to a real interest and concern for serving our communities at large. Originally chartered as The Bank of Zebulon - Zebulon, Georgia, in 1905, United Bank has prospered and grown into a full service financial institution, offering a range of services from traditional banking to Internet securities trading. Today United Bank has 17 offices in the area south of Metro Atlanta from Griffin in the north to Barnesville and Thomaston in the south. The proximity of this area to the Atlanta Airport (42 miles to the north) and its convenient location between Interstate highways 75 and 85 to the east and west respectively has created a climate of growth and prosperity for our communities and United Bank.

Our Philospy

We believe:

In lasting relationships. Our business is built upon our ability to create lasting relationships between employees and customers. We will, at all times, treat our fellow employees and our customers with respect, integrity, and trust.

In the importance of each customer. Customers provide the purpose for our work.. We will treat each customer with respect and understanding and insure that our actions are considerate and timely.

In listening to our customers. Their problems are our problems, their successes are our successes and their financial service desires are our opportunities.

In the differences among our customers. The financial needs of our customers vary. We will work to provide assistance and solutions to meet individual needs within our capabilities and will seek help from others when it is necessary or in the best interest of all concerned.

In the importance of community service. Our banks will be only as strong as the communities we serve; therefore, we will build and support our communities as involved citizens and leaders.

In the importance of each employee. The strength of our service to customers and shareholders depends on the strength of our employees. We recognize the value of training, educational opportunities, fair compensation and benefits.

In extraordinary service. We will provide a level of service that our competitors are unable or unwilling to offer on a continuous basis. To the best of our ability we will offer our products and services to our customers when, where, and how they want them.

In the incentive of ownership. Ownership is the most consistent, long-term, positive motivation for our employees to excel. Owners have a vested interest in the success of our company. They go the extra mile in efficiently delivering financial services that exceed customer expectations. Our company has long been managed and owned by its employees and other citizens of our communities. Employee ownership will continue to increase with each contribution to our decades old Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

In service by example. United Bank’s style of service has evolved over our long history. It has been and will continue to be the foundation for our success. It can best be understood as we continually demonstrate it to our fellow employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

In continually earning the sacred trust of our customers. Our first duty and obligation to our customers and our communities is to manage the changing risks inherent in our business in a manner that protects our customers’ deposits and confidentiality.